Back to the Start

Growing a website the size of is lots to handle and over the past few years it's taken more and more of my time to manage. It was time for a major change in my approach to building the content. In redesigning the site I had a few goals:

  1. Make the site easier to manage and update remotely
  2. Improve the responsiveness of the site on mobile devices
  3. Set things up to be more photo-friendly and visual

That's basically it. Previous versions of the site were managed / developed by me. But I need to focus on making more content rather than expending lots of time and energy managing the site. So, I decided to use SquareSpace. I have plans to customize the site further, but first I'll be uploading more content.

The Travelogue is the site's blog. It's where I'll be sharing development notes, event news, progress updates, short stories, and articles on the business of making ideas happen.

The Rynaga project has always been about the writing, art, and design of our creations. Feels good to have a web solution that will allow me to keep focusing on those things!